August 13, 2012

Fair Week

From top (l-r)

1. Rides that make you want to barf
2. Food that makes you want to barf
3. A bored bunny munched his ribbon
4. The Zipper : My girls' favorite new ride
5. Napping pig
6. Ginormous stuffed animals you can win, take home and try to fit through the front door
7. Mad chicken
8. Kate as a cow
9. Another ride that makes you want to barf
10. The Sizzler = fun
11. Lights at night
12. Smiling llamas (this photo makes me laugh every time I look at it)
13. Somebody's successful fair entry!

Other highlights that I could not capture on film:

1. 100-degree temperature
2. Me, sweating to death
3. Emma and Kate's faces as they enjoyed it all with friends
4. Me, after we left at 11 p.m., tired and withered


  1. Great photos and yes, that chicken does look mad. No ribbon, perhaps? :)

    1. Good point - he was ribbon-less and the others did seem to be bragging loudy

  2. Love that collage. Fairs are fun. But 100 degrees...too much for me. Those llamas make me laugh too. There's just something about their faces that is, well, funny. x

    1. I don't mind heat but there wasn't a lick of shade to be found and things got stinky. We had to literally run out of the horticulture building because it smelled like rotting veggies.

  3. Hmmmm except for the barfing part and too much heat fairs are fun. I really think you should frame the picture of the smiling llamas and display it=)
    Gracie xxx

    1. I should! Aren't they hysterical?! Especially with their shaved necks.


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