August 1, 2012

August and Everything After

August? Already? My how the days fly by. The months speed past. The years evaporate into thin air. (The cliches spew from my fingertips.)

This month I will:

~ Celebrate my daughter's 14th birthday

~ Enjoy a day at the Western Montana Fair

~ Make a trip to Spokane, Washington for a soccer tourney

~ Do some Back-to-School shopping with the kiddos

~ Spend at least one more weekend at the cabin

~ Hopefully harvest some tomatoes from my shabby garden

~ Put my girls on the school bus and send them both off to Middle School (boo hoo, they just keep growing, don't they!)

~ Start thinking about Fall stuff like homework, packing lunches, jeans, flocks of geese, making soups, picking apples, college football and things involving pumpkins. *sigh* I love Fall.


  1. It is odd to me how August feels different than July. Half way through today I said to my oldest feels like fall to me today...and she agreed, but added...I know we will have more hot weather, though...I know we will, but the perfect sunny day we had in the 70's somehow fall =) wonderful*******
    Gracie xxx

    1. I notice that too. It's like the sun is different somehow and the leaves look drier. Plus there was a bit of warm wind today here that felt "Fallish."
      Happy August to you!

  2. Your daughter in the same age with my eldest one :o) We will celebrate her birthday at November :o)
    Have fun

    1. I'm excited to see how 14 goes for us - 13 was surprisingly challenging, but also so fun.

  3. Very cute blog. I love all your photos! Thanks for stopping by with your lovely comment. Have a wonderful week. Montana is a beautiful place.


  4. Nice post - I have lately been thinking about how Autumn is around the corner. As soon as September 1st comes around I am mentally in "Autumn Mode" even if it's still warm. It's my favourite season - I am happy now just thinking about it!


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