August 17, 2012

Take It Easy

From all reports it's gonna be a hot weekend in the Pacific Northwest. One hundred degrees in places like Seattle and Portland. As a former inhabitant of the greater Seattle area I can tell you that heat like that is pretty much unheard of in those parts. Here we've dipped to the mid-90's, but that's still a tad bit toasty for my taste. Even the dogs are finding it hard to get motivated to do their normal activities – yelling at other dogs and their people as they walk by, patrolling the back fence for deer and other evil creatures, digging holes in areas that smell suspiciously like small rodents (we call this activity "Rodent Patrol").

It's gonna be a runthroughthesprinklersandeatapopsicle kind of weekend folks. Enjoy!


  1. Sounds good, Jenny. We have made snow cones the last two days, and Shelby my older daughters lab German shepherd mix, even enjoyed chomping on an ice cube this morning
    Happy weekend to you and yours!
    Gracie xxx

  2. Oh, can I come too? We haven't had nearly enough sprinkler and popsicle weekends - curse this country's wet summers! Mid-nineties heat is too much for me. It rarely gets over mid-eighties here. And not nearly often enough! Have a great weekend my blogging friend. x

  3. Love the pic of your dog - sweet! :-)

    1. Thanks. She's a goofy mix of Norwegian Elkhound & Beagle, and a real sweetie pie.


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