August 27, 2012

Falling ash

There are bits of ash lightly snowing from the sky. The air is thick and dry. Everything smells like campfire. The light streams in pinks and reds and brilliant oranges. The mercury sits quietly at 95 degrees.


  1. The fires create such an eerie beauty. I remember having ash rain down on us in northern CA. I hope you get some cooler weather soon.

    I very much admire your book analysis ability, Jenny. I have not read any of the books you reviewed in your last post [and will make sure to avoid the one you disliked :)]

    xx from Gracie

    1. It IS exactly that . . . eerie beauty. Perfect word choice.

  2. Wild fires... too wild for me.
    We've been through enough.
    Hope the air clears... how about some rain?
    Stay safe.

  3. Eerie beauty is right... gorgeous photos, love that pink sun. Hope you get some rain soon! :)