August 15, 2012

Sweetness Follows

Somewhere west of here fires are burning and smoke shrouds the sky. Sadly this is the new normal for August in the West. 

This past week the winds have picked up and our 100-degree temps have turned the hillsides a crispy, crunchy, brown. Everything is parched.

But the sun has a new slant. It moves more quickly and a bit lower on the horizon. The night air dips below 50 degrees now and all around me everything seems to be in a holding pattern. Waiting, patiently but with a hint of happy anticipation for the Summer to lift and a soft September to settle in. The smoke will break, the grass relax, the school bus will come, the robins will leave, and the newness will refresh us all.

The soundtrack to my day is R.E.M.'s eighth album, "Automatic for the People." Michael Stipe's voice and lyrics feel like home. 

Happy Wednesday to you all. Thank you for reading!


  1. Sounds like we're all eagerly awaiting September. I listened to Automatic For the People about a gazillion times in my 'youth'. Nightswimming is my absolute favourite. Might have to go dig it out.

    1. Nightswimming is one my list of all-time top songs.
      I was really sad when the band decided to call it quits last year, but what an amazing catalog of music they left us.

  2. Oh, that album - I used to love it. I wonder if I still have it somewhere? I wonder if I still love it?

    Nice photos - we are starting to feel a subtle shift in the seasons here too; it gets darker earlier, a little cooler in the mornings. No fires thank goodness, much to wet in England for that! x


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