May 29, 2012

5 Reasons Why I Love Philipsburg

1. The street signs are still still carved in wood. So sweet. (This is the street our little house sits on. It's 2 blocks off the main street so we can walk to town.)

2. The town reminds me of the TV series "Northern Exposure." And the people are just as friendly and interesting. The man who sold us our house told us he once woke up to find a moose in his front yard. As soon as he said "moose" I was sold (I had already been thinking how this place was just like Cicely, Alaska and then he said "moose." I was a goner).

3. It began as a mining town so there's lots of really cool history and nearby ghost towns to explore.
Now there are about 950 folks in town.

(Emma wasn't too excited about visiting the museum there this weekend though. Here's a photo of what she was doing while we were all looking at the exhibits.)

4. There's no WiFi or cable TV so we all bond a little more . . . 

5. . . . and get creative (These are some hearts, people, and two ducks Kate needle felted this weekend)

There are about 100 other reasons I love it. Gary loves it too. Sometimes we wonder if we might live there full-time someday.


  1. Have you moved to Philipsburg permanently or what?

  2. No Jean, we just bought a little house there a year ago to use for skiing in the winter and Georgetown/Getaway in the summer.

  3. A lovely getaway town indeed. I love the carved wood signs too. Such character.


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