August 7, 2012

Yards are hard

I had all sorts of summer plans for my yard this year. I was going to add on to my smallish garden by installing two or more large veggie beds and planting a huge row of raspberries. I also hoped to tidy some of the existing flower beds, expand the bed that runs along the road and pull some overgrown annoying evergreens from around the porch. Then life happened. It got hot. I felt more lazy than I anticipated. Then the dog ate most of my garden. Then it was August. Too late. Too dry. Too boring. I've moved on to other things like readying myself for Fall (whatever the heck that means). So, the yard has suffered another summer and slowly things will fade and fall, retreat into the earth, and prepare for the cold and long dark nights. Then some long evening in January I will start thinking about seeds and green sprouted things and the cycle will begin again.

Meanwhile I have a few bits of success and color to note – so much oregano I might have to start exporting to Italy, a few late-blooming flowers, a crazy tangle of promising tomato plants, and a lot of neglected cilantro that's gone to seed (which I think means I can pick off those little ball things and call it coriander? Is that right? Does anyone know?).


  1. I know nothing about Coriander-but those white flowers are lovely, what are they (the big ones). My garden dreams always outmatch the reality-oh if only we could have spontaneous results appear from our thoughts! (oh never mind that might not be so good). Thanks for your comments about my family and grandaughters, (I don't know when I reply to your comments in my comment section if they get back to you, I'm not sure how all that works!) Yes Addison's hair is wonderfully curly, just like her Mom and myself. Sometimes it is a pain, but it looks great on a 2 yr old!

    1. I think those white flowers are called campanula. They are my favorite flower in my yard these days. Super delicate.

  2. Brilliant post! You made me laugh. Sometimes gardening is hard work and really boring. I am always a bit relieved when Autumn comes and I can stop thinking about the garden until the following Spring. One less thing to worry about...

    But your flowers are really pretty, so something good must be happening in your garden. Sorry, "yard" ;-) x

  3. Hee hee on your export business!! I hear you... it does get to be a whole bunch of work -- but it does beat shovelling snow!! Love your bellflowers (we have purple ones) and love, love fresh cilantro. No room for a garden at this house and I'm missing fresh veggies. Enjoy what's blooming now; changes will always wait until next spring! :)

  4. Well now that I have had many days when I could complain about being hot I rashly bought some more flower seeds and intend to throw them out among the weeds in hopes that some of them will flower before the first frost... =)
    Gracie the Master Gardener xxx
    ps ...isn't cilantro cilantro
    and coriander coriander???


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